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Bb King Songbook Pdf Download ((EXCLUSIVE))

Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a kind comment Linda, I really appreciate it. I am very glad to hear that you found the article helpful, and if there is any element of the B.B. King box or your playing I can help with, please do get in touch. You can reach me on and I am always around and happy to help! ?

Bb King Songbook Pdf Download


Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a kind comment John, it made my day! I am very glad to hear that you found the article helpful, and I hope that you are now dialling in some of those beautiful B.B. King style blues licks ? If you do ever have any questions about your playing though or if there is anything that I can help with, just let me know. You can reach me on and I am always around and happy to help!

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Two hours of video lessons where you will learn the complete tablature, (tabs), system and then play it on the guitar. Learn how to read each string and how it translates to the guitar. Learn all the tab symbols and abbreviations and examples are played for each so this way you see the written tab, then visually see it transcribed and demonstrated on the guitar. Learn how to read chord charts and chord lines. Also learn the importance of picking out accurate tabs, ear training and ear development. Bonus lessons are included on guitar tuning and learning the notes on the guitar neck.

In order to play lead guitar and solo proficiently and fluidly you first need to be proficient at certain guitar techniques. And these techniques are what we cover throughout these two hours of video lessons. Lead guitar is all about taking the notes and doing things with them that are musically interesting and we show you how in this course. Lean all kinds of picking techniques and exercises to blast your picking to the next level. Learn string muting techniques to clean up your sound and eliminate string noise. Learn finger strength and dexterity exercises to build the strength to milk every last drop of emotion from every note. Learn hammer on and pull off techniques and exercises to help build speed and fluidity. Learn string bending techniques, as bending is one of the most emotive things you can implement on the instrument. Learn all about vibrato techniques and so much more.

Over seven hours of videos lessons teaching 22 alternate tunings. Get a whole new palette of sounds and develop awesomely rich, ringing guitar voicings in a variety of tunings. Get out of the rut of playing the same old chords and play accompaniment that is more varied and far richer than what standard tuning offers. Alternate tunings open up a new world of chord voicings and musical textures that inspire new ways of thinking about and creating music. Expand your guitar universe with the infinite possibilities of alternate tunings no matter what style of music you play and no matter what level you currently play at - this course is perfect for both beginners and intermediate players. Learn open major and minor tunings like open C, open D, Open G, Open E, Open G minor, Open D major 7th, C6th, low C, and G Modal tunings. Learn Slack/Drop tunings like DADGAD, Processional, DACGCE, Pelican, CFCFAC, Admiral, CGDGGD, Double Drop D, DADDAD, and more. Also learn instrument tunings like Balalaika and Cittern tuning.

Have you noticed that your guitar does not play nearly as well as it used to? Does it seem that your guitar strings have gotten pretty high off the fret board, making it hard to play? Does your guitar keep going out of tune even though you continually tune it? Have you noticed that your guitar has started to buzz?Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions then your guitar needs a set-up. This course includes two hours of video lessons where we teach you how to make all the adjustments on your electric guitar to get it playing its best. Learn how to properly change your guitar strings and stretch the strings so they stay in tune, how to adjust the truss rod and make adjustments for neck relief, tremolo block adjusting and spring work, how to set the action or string height to your playing preference, micro tilt adjustments, how to set the guitar intonation, pickup height adjustments, and how to clean the guitar body and neck and what type of cleaning products work best.

Course includes three hours of video lessons and 20 killer sounding bass jam tracks. We pull apart the tracks and teach you how to examine the track and lock in with the drummer, how to examine chord progressions, and the various approaches and thought processes for each track. Learn how to build your own bass lines. Learn how to embellish bass lines with walking lines, funky lines, old school lines, blues lines, modern lines, melodic lines, 16th notes lines, triplets, and 8th and 16th note lines. Learn the slap and pop technique, bass harmonics, modal bass playing, playing over each chord, how to lay back and "stay in the pocket", how to feel the groove, major and minor scale usage and application, chromatic movements, walk ups and walk downs, all about I-IV-V progressions, how to play in any key signature, and much more! This course is for mid level beginners to intermediate players and is the perfect follow up course to our Beginner Epic Bass Guitar Course.


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