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Max Payne 3 Trainer Download for PC

Max Payne 3 is a third-person shooter video game developed by Rockstar Studios and published by Rockstar Games in 2012. The game follows the life of former New York City detective Max Payne, who has become a vigilante after the death of his family and his partner. Max is hired by a wealthy Brazilian businessman to protect his family from the gangs and corrupt police of São Paulo, but soon finds himself in a web of betrayal and violence.


If you want to enhance your gaming experience with Max Payne 3, you might be interested in downloading a trainer for the PC version of the game. A trainer is a program that modifies the game's memory and allows you to activate various cheats and features, such as infinite health, ammo, bullet time, money, etc. Trainers are usually designed for specific game versions and may not work with other versions or updates.

How to download and use a trainer for Max Payne 3

There are many websites that offer trainers for Max Payne 3, but not all of them are safe and reliable. Some trainers may contain viruses, malware, or unwanted software that can harm your computer or compromise your privacy. Therefore, you should always scan any file you download with an antivirus program before running it. You should also read the comments and reviews of other users to see if the trainer works as intended and does not cause any problems.

One of the most popular and trusted websites for downloading trainers is Nexus Mods, which hosts thousands of mods and trainers for various games. You can find a trainer for Max Payne 3 called Script Hook, which allows you to use script mods (.asi) on the PC. Script Hook also includes a basic trainer that lets you toggle some cheats and features, such as god mode, infinite ammo, no reload, etc. To download and use Script Hook, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Script Hook page on Nexus Mods and click on the "Download: Manual" button.

  • Extract the ZIP file to a folder of your choice.

  • Copy ScriptHook.dll and dinput8.dll to the game's main folder (where MaxPayne3.exe is located).

  • Run the game as usual and press F4 to open the trainer menu.

  • Use the arrow keys and Enter to navigate the menu and activate or deactivate the cheats.

  • Press F4 again to close the menu.

If you need help or support, you can join the official Max Payne 3 Modding Discord, where you can chat with other modders and users.

Other trainers for Max Payne 3

If you are looking for more trainers for Max Payne 3, you can also check out these websites:

  • MegaGames : MegaGames is a gaming news and resource site that also offers trainers, patches, fixes, cheats, mods, and more for various games. You can find several trainers for Max Payne 3 on this site, such as [+6 Trainer by FLiNG] or [+8 Trainer by Abolfazl.k]. These trainers have different features and options that you can enable or disable with hotkeys. To use these trainers, download them from their respective pages and run them before or after launching the game.

  • Cheat Happens: Cheat Happens is a premium website that provides exclusive trainers, cheats, editors, guides, wallpapers, and more for over 24,000 games. You can find a trainer for Max Payne 3 on this site that has over 40 features, such as super speed, slow motion enemies, unlimited painkillers, etc. However, you need to pay a subscription fee to access this trainer and other content on this site.


Max Payne 3 is a thrilling and action-packed game that can be even more fun with trainers. Trainers are programs that allow you to cheat and modify the game in various ways. However, you should always be careful when downloading and using trainers from unknown sources, as they may contain harmful or unwanted software. You should also respect the online rules and etiquette when playing multiplayer modes with trainers, as they may give you an unfair advantage over other players and ruin their experience.


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