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Hit-making producer Timbaland is used to people dancing to his beats at nightclubs, and now fans will get a chance to move to music he specifically designed for working out through a new partnership with Zumba.

The man behind hits for Justin Timberlake and Jay Z is crafting songs for STRONG by Zumba, a non-dance-inspired workout that focuses on high-intensity interval training, bodyweight exercises and strength training paired with music to match every move.

If you're the kind of person who goes to the gym you may have seen classes there for Zumba. It's not just a fitness craze. It's also an international business. You can buy Zumba CDs, a Zumba video game and Zumba clothes. For a lot of students, it's their first taste of Latin music and dance steps.

SHAW: The story of Zumba begins with an accident that seems too good to be true. Back in the '90s in Colombia, Alberto Perez was teaching an aerobics class and he forgot his regular music. So he reached into his backpack and pulled out tapes of salsa and merengue.

Some people say that the best way to do anything is in a way that you enjoy. It can certainly be true of fitness, which is usually seen as a bit of a drag. So any chance to spice up the proceedings is more than welcome. Enter Zumba Fitness, which uses the Nintendo Wii's motion-sensing functionality to full effect.It makes the concept of fitness training more interesting by wrapping it in a layer of sexy international dancing. Learn how to perform all kinds of red hot dance steps accompanied by saucy Latin music to make shaking the weight off a hundred times more fun. Zumbo instructors Tanya Beardsley, Gina Grant and Zumba creator Beto will be on hand to help you through 30 different routines that will make you feel fit as well as sexy.Nine different dances can be taught in this game, from Reggaeton, Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, Hip-Hop, Mambo, Rumba and Flamenco to Calypso. You'll build your muscle tones and your sense of endurance as you work your way through the specially-created fitness routines, but you won't know you're doing it because the presentation and party atmosphere will make it like you're hardly lifting a finger!Team up with up to four friends to see who can get the highest workout score, or play together to rack up a really high group tally. All this with nothing more than a Wii Remote and a Zumba workout belt!

Every device we sell or rent on the musicMagpie Store goes through an extensive in-house refurbishment process to ensure you're getting a great quality device for a great price. Here's everything you need to know!

Zumba dance is a kind of dancing that was founded in Columbia by a fitness instructor. Zumba dancing was created accidentally when he used Latin American music for some of his classes without a proper preparation. However, he combined different steps from Salsa and meringue and created another form of dancing that is known nowadays as Zumba. Later on, two talented persons from the USA took interest in it, gave it a boost and made it popular worldwide. It became popular very soon because of the heavy Latin effects and soon Zumba classes were introduced to the gym, dance studios and fitness centers.

Join Yoga N Da Hood for a fun and energetic Zumba class in the park! Your instructor will lead you through a dynamic dance workout set to upbeat music that will get your heart pumping and your body moving. Whether you're a seasoned Zumba pro or a beginner looking to try something new, everyone is welcome to join in on the fun. Be sure to bring a water bottle!

Zumba class is a combination of dance and fitness moves done to a background of exhilarating, international rhythms. The Zumba formula is 70% Latin music and 30% of anything else. A typical Zumba class will feature merengue, salsa, cha-cha, reggaeton, bachata, samba, soca, hip-hop, bellydance, bhangra. The overall effect is that exercise feels more like a party than working out at the gym.

Zumbatomic class is geared towards kids ages 4 thru 12. Zumbatomic features kid-friendly routines using music that kids love such as hip-hop, reggaeton and cumbia, giving the kids an exercise experience that they will love!

Perez says that he fell in love with dancing when he first saw the film "Grease" as a 7-year-old. Growing up in Colombia, he would often imitate the dance style of Michael Jackson and groove along to Latin American music.

One day, he arrived to his aerobics class and realized that he forgot the music that he normally used for the class. Luckily, Perez says, he would often record music from the radio onto a cassette tape.

"People started to smile. People [were] happy. People sweating," says Perez. The class was only about 20 minutes but by the end of it Perez says he knew that teaching fitness to dance music was his calling.

Featuring 42 hot new music tracks, sizzling choreography and a huge variety of new dance styles and arenas, Zumba Fitness Rush invites players to dance their way into shape with a fun and proven program. Six Zumba instructors get you moving to the beat, including celebrity instructors Beto Perez, Tanya Beardsley and Gina Grant, plus new stars exclusive to the Kinect game: Kass Martin, Jason Thompson and Erica Pierce. Each star instructor personally guides players through choreography that ranges in style from Merengue and Samba to Bollywood and Latin Pop. Dance hands-free as Kinect for Xbox 360 accurately tracks your every move. Monitor improvements with the Progress Tracker, which adds up calories burned, grades dance styles, and displays trophies, stats and overall rank. Whether playing in Single Song, Full Class or Zumba Party mode, players will have a blast with this unique dance-fitness experience that shapes, tones and transforms their bodies as they party themselves into shape.

The Zomba Group of Companies (sometimes referred to as Zomba Music Group or just Zomba Group)[3] was a music group and division owned by and operated under Sony Music Entertainment. The division was renamed to Jive Label Group in 2009[4] and was placed under the RCA/Jive Label Group umbrella. In 2011, the RCA/Jive Label Group was split in half. Multiple Jive Label Group artists were moved to Epic Records while others stayed with Jive as it moved under the RCA Music Group. In October 2011 Jive Records was shut down and their artists were moved to RCA Records.[5]

Founded independently in the mid-seventies by Clive Calder and Ralph Simon, the group has had interests in music release, distribution, production, publishing, equipment rental, recording studios, and artist management. Though the financial structure and annual revenue of Zomba during the company's independent period was only known to CEO Clive Calder (the company was registered privately offshore in the Dutch Antilles[1]), Zomba was widely regarded as the most successful of the independent music companies.

The group is perhaps best known for its role in developing some of the most popular forms of music, such as hip-hop in the 1980s, and the teen pop/boy band phenomenon in the late 1990s through their first record label Jive, though they have also had substantial activities in both the Christian and gospel music field. Calder and Simon both served as CEOs until 1990 when Calder bought out Simon's share and ran the company himself until 2002. In 2002, BMG purchased the company and subsequently restructured the labels under the umbrella company Zomba Label Group, which was the most public face of the company. The label group served as a parent for many different labels, including Jive, Silvertone, Volcano and LaFace.

Today, the only Zomba labels still in operation are So So Def Recordings, Music for Nations, Silvertone and Christian focused music labels. The remaining labels were absorbed into RCA Records and Epic Records, as well as Legacy Recordings, Sony's division for catalogue reissues.

In late 1971, Clive Calder and Ralph Simon began their two-decade partnership in forming businesses in record production and promotion, music publishing, artist management and concert promotion in South Africa.[1] Because of the market in South Africa, there was a need to branch out into various aspects of the business, instead of just focusing on one aspect of the industry. "You couldn't do just one thing. It was too small," explained David Gresham, CEO of David Gresham Record Company. "This is not a country where you have a million-seller. A No. 1 record is a 10,000 unit seller. That only pays the rent for a month or two."[6] While almost mandatory in South Africa, this early style of music company would be adapted to other markets throughout the companies history, and would become a staple of Calder's managing legacy.

Next, Calder and Simon began looking for songwriters. The first was Henri Belolo, the French producer who helped create the Village People. Zomba became the disco group's British publisher. Though the band had been turned down by a few UK labels, Calder and Simon thought they could retain the most control of Zomba if they stayed in the publishing and management business, allowing other labels to release their artists' music.[7] Meanwhile, Lange was building a name for himself as a producer, with albums by the Boomtown Rats, Graham Parker and eventually AC/DC's 1979 Highway to Hell, his breakthrough album.[9] This led to Lange becoming one of the world's leading hard-rock producers, later adding Def Leppard, Foreigner and Bryan Adams to his resume. For Zomba, this increased exposure and credibility led to many new producer and songwriter management deals. Additionally, artists would sign publishing deals, giving their publishing company a constantly burgeoning collection.[7] 041b061a72


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