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Highly Visible Authors Sell More Books

If you've written a book, you may think its content will speak for you. But it's often quite the opposite in reality. Authors fortunate enough to work with the best book marketing companies are usually in the spotlight. Some writers are outgoing (or outspoken) and naturally find their way into the spotlight. Others need to try to put themselves there and get a buzz going about their books. Given the competition in today's marketplace, staying in the background can cause your book to have a similar fate. It works better when you are out front, meeting people, and talking.

Given the dominance of the internet today and the ability of everyone to self-promote via social media and websites, some wonder about the value of third-party media. It's a valid question, and there isn't a single answer that works for everyone. What's valuable to remember is that media coverage gives you stature – someone else finds you and your book of interest and writes or talks about it. That's valuable in catching people's attention and convincing them your work is fascinating. You can also repurpose media coverage on your own platform (social media, website, blog, podcast, email newsletters, etc.) 

When you are out in the world talking about yourself and your book, be conversational and gracious, but have a purpose. Key messages are a mainstay of PR campaigns because they ensure that target readers receive the optimal information. You want people to know about your book and you and why they should pay attention and find out more. The messages can either be entertaining or contain helpful information. Both will win people's favor and make them want to learn more. The natural way to do it is to buy or download and read your book. Skilled publicists can help you decide what's best to say.

Maximizing and optimizing your book and author pages on bookselling websites might not sound like an extroverted activity, but it is virtually. Be creative, strategic, and yourself in the content you upload while taking full advantage of it. Specifically, it means being detailed and offering ample food for thought. If you've been allotted 1,000 words, think through how to be persuasive. If you type up two or three sentences quickly and don't give it ample thought, people checking out your page may respond with similar apathy. On the other hand, when you engage people, they order books.


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