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Had you ever started a diet or workout plan and never finished it? Had you ever lost weight and gained it back over time? Do you feel overwhelmed by the feeling that living healthy is all about depriving yourself of your favorite foods and eating boring meals?

I have been there! I felt imprisoned in my thoughts about all the harm that food is doing to us nowadays because of all the processes that they go through.  I was frustrated, I only could think about the negative effects of food on my body, about why I shouldn't eat something, about all the food I was giving up and came to the point where I quit and stopped eating healthy, it felt like a deprivation instead of something I would feel joy and fulfillment doing.


But that feeling is over, I had found the perfect balance between me and food and I am sharing all my strategies with you.  I am so happy I found this in my life that I seriously believe you need this too, this is what I call "Mindful Eating" it is a life changer and believe me you will feel like a new woman after you implement Mindful Eating in your life.


Mindful Eating

To be honest, I found Mindful Eating by accident, I was in search of something else, to fix my financial situation and trying to gain financial freedom, but this path did not only got me to answer my questions about my financial situation but also answered my emotional and health questions that I had before.  


After I started to practice mindful eating I gained so much confidence that If you would tell me I was going to be the most confident woman ever, I would laugh.  I was happy with myself and the choices I was making because they didn’t feel like a burden anymore, I wasn’t depriving myself of things I loved, I was simply loving my body and the greatness that food was doing to it.

Mindful Eating has been created as a result of me trying to find the perfect place where I can get everything I needed to live a mindful healthy and happy living in only ONE place at an affordable price. I knew that if I was having this struggle, there were many other women out there that were in the same situation, so I decided to create “Mindful Eating”.


Mindful Eating is a monthly subscription website where every month you will get

everything you need to have a mindful healthy and happy lifestyle, yes, one platform, one monthly payment, and all done for you.


Every week you will have a mindful eating path workshop where I will guide you on creating your best relationship ever with mind, body & food.  These workshops will come with a deeply detailed article, infographics, printable worksheets, videos, community support and conversations, and more. 


Because fitness and nutrition are as important as your well-being “Mindful Eating” will give you a  monthly workout plan, and access to lots of healthy recipes (plus, tons of 30 days approved ones) to help you stay healthy. 

“There are so many amazing surprises inside that you CAN NOT miss this incredible opportunity.”

What's Waiting For You Inside?

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Achieving a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy, and working out start with a healthy mindset.


Here you will get:

- Workshops

-Printable wellness journal

- Live coaching

- Challenges

-  Book Club

and much more!

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I am not a fan of miracle diets, I am a fan of developing healthy eating habits that will make us stick to it FOREVER while maintaining a healthy body, healthy mindset, and creating self-love strategies.


Here I give you:

- Healthy recipes

- Nutrition guidelines

- Nutrition programs

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Balance is the key to success in your weight loss goal.  I believe in baby steps and achieving your goal in a healthy way.

Here I give you:

- Fitness programs

- Fitness Guidelines

- Community support

The Inspiration behind Mindful Eating

I love taking care of myself in all aspects of the word: mind, body, spirit, and food.  But as I went on taking all the steps to take care of my mental and physical health I found myself wasting money on several memberships and tools that will end up on a very expensive experience MONTHLY. 

As a single mom I am always looking for ways to save money and time, but, having to go to different sites or apps, and paying several services were ending on over $150 a month plus headaches on how many links I had to open.

I knew that I needed a place where I was going to get everything to create a healthy relationship with my mind, my body, and my food.  A place where I go and have it all for only ONE payment. I need a place where I could learn, get things done for me, get coached, and have the tools I need to live a mindful healthy life.  

So I created Mindful Eating, a place where I teach you how to create a healthy relationship with mind, body, and food by giving you printables, articles, courses, coaching, a community, and much more.  Taking care of your wellness needs to be done from all aspects: your mind, your eating habits, your activity habits, and mindful eating is giving you everything you need.

One place!
One community!
One payment!


Because when one of them is missing, the rest goes down the drain!


What's Inside


Every week I will download new workshops, addressing one or more of the membership main topics (mindfulness, wellness, health & fitness).

Every workshop will come with videos, downloadable PDFs, workbooks, resources, modules, action steps, guidance, and more!

I will also provide live Q+A, and a discussion forum to share our experience, learnings, and takeaway moments from the masterclass. 

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There is nothing better than taking things to the next level and challenging yourself to do new things, getting out of your comfort zone, and get started on something you just needed to do. 


This is why we will be doing monthly challenges to encourage yourself to do new, fun, exciting, and growing things for a healthier and happier lifestyle.


Plus, we will have a book club where I will share with you a book to read for the month and we will interact, create discussions, Q&A, go live 2x week, and simply share our thoughts and new learnings with our community. How amazing is this?



If you are a dedicated person like me you might see yourself nailing your courses, and workshops in no time and then what? Wait another week for new content? Heck no! I will be sharing weekly blogs with the latest on health, nutrition, and fitness, plus new recipes.

Also, you will have access to our library where you will find all our resources like workbooks, recommended reads, documentaries, and more!!

Not just that, but you will find a forum where you will be able to ask or share any thoughts about our programs, workshops, meals, and just daily life challenges with our amazing mindful community.  You will never be alone in this lifestyle again!

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Special offers like first peek, early access, discounts, and more on all our new fitness & health programs, e-books, coaching, and in all our new merch at Stephanie's Wellness store.  

As a member you will automatically have:

- 15% off on all the merch.

- You will be the first to know of all new events, and products coming out.

- Get early access to purchase all of the products and events before they go live to the public and are sold out.

When you join Mindful Eating you literally become our VIP guest.


As a member of Mindful Eating, you will get access to all of our shows of "Mindful Eating TV". 


Over there you will have access to shows like:

- Stephanie's Kitchen

- Mindful Eating

- Get Fit With Steph.


These videos will be exclusively for our members.​

Stream from your laptop, desktop, tablet, or even on your phone through the ME APP.

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Mindful Eating will have it's an exclusive app where it will be super easy to log in and watch all new workshops, shows, and any other video.

It will also make it easy to access your community.  Not just that but you will get notifications every time a new post (blogs, videos, workshops, etc) goes live.

Having the app makes it way easier to access programs and to read or watch any recipe you want to cook in the kitchen with you. 

And the best part? You will be able to chat with the mindful community any time! 

What Is

Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is absolutely NOT a diet, mindful eating uses a form of meditation called mindfulness, which helps you acknowledge and manage your emotions and physical sensations. Using this approach helps you to reach a state of full awareness of your experiences, cravings, and physical signs when eating.

Mindful eating is allowing yourself to become aware of the positive and nurturing opportunities that are available through food selection and preparation by respecting your inner wisdom. Mindful eating uses all of your senses in choosing to eat food that is both satisfying to you and nourishing to your body. Along with acknowledging responses to food (likes, dislikes, or neutral) without judgment, you become aware of physical hunger and satiety signs to guide your decisions to begin and end eating.


- Acknowledges that there is no right or wrong way to eat.

- Accepts that everyone’s eating experiences are unique.

- Directs your attention to eating on a moment-by-moment basis.

- Recognize how you make choices that support your health and well-being.

- You become aware of the interconnection of the Earth with living beings, and cultural practices, and the impact of your choices on those.

- Promotes balance, choice, wisdom, and acceptance.

- Reduces physiological distress such as depression, anxiety, stress, and eating behaviors including binge eating.

- It helps with weight loss.

- You eat less food and feel full and satisfied.

- You enjoy eating and forget about judgments.

- Promotes healthy digestion.

- It's not a diet, it's for everyone and it works!

"The problem nowadays is that people eat unmindfully resulting in bench eating, overeating, and being hard on ourselves about what we ate and how our body looks."

-You are looking FORWARD to having an amazing RELATIONSHIP with food and live in harmony with it.

- You want to STOP being hard on food and START loving every bite of it.

- You want to STOP being hard on yourself and START loving every inch of your body.

- You want to learn to LISTEN to your body and be INTENTIONAL on every food choice and preparation you make.

-  You want to bring AWARENESS to your body and food.

- You want to create a healthy LIFESTYLE and feel free and confident with it.

- You want to SAVE time searching and planning for meals every month.

- You want to SAVE time searching and planning for workouts every month.

- You are looking forward to JOINING an amazing group of like-minded females that share the same beliefs and lifestyle that you do.

- Looking forward to LEARNING more about your body and ways to love it.

- Looking for ways to keep yourself STRESS-FREE as much as you can.

Simply be and live a mindful healthier and happier lifestyle!

This is for you if: 

If you're ready to take your wellness & health to the next level by enrolling in Mindful Eating, simply join the waiting list click the button to join the waiting list and join first!