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What a day! It is Monday 5:12 p.m and I was tired AF but the truth is it was totally my fault, shhh… last night I went to bed late, putting my performance at risk for my day and it is Monday which means it’s a very busy day, I mean, a new week and a lot to catch up to. By 4:30 I was drained and feeling super tired so I had to do a quick fix to re-charge myself and finish my day strong. These simple and quick tricks that I am about to share with you really work! It literally fired me up in just a few minutes and helped me to finish my day on fire. I am sharing my tricks with you because I know we will need them any other day of the week as well, u-hum, do we need to get started on Fridays?


The first thing I do is go to my kitchen grab an Energy Fizz Sticks and pour it into 12 oz. of water and drink it. I love it because is a way healthier option for coffee and other sugary energy drinks, it is gluten-free, cruelty-free, plant-based, artificial sugars, flavorings, and coloring’s free. I mean they are super clean ingredients. Plain water is a good energy booster as well, sometimes we go through the day and forget to hydrate causing fatigue later on.


I love to drink my fizzies outside while enjoying nature, after all, mother nature is an amazing natural energy booster. There is nothing like watching the trees, the birds, the leaves moving with the wind, I mean, anything you can see, hear, smell and even feel of mother nature, she works wonders on your energy levels. I am lucky to have a great view on my back balcony and to live in a safe small neighborhood, but no matter where you are, there is always something to appreciate.


I know that when you go outside you will be tempted to stop in a nice comfortable place where the sun does not touch you, but you need to let the sun hug you girl. After all, you are only taking a few minutes break, so you won’t have to worry about any sunburn or other damages it can do, as a matter of fact, the sun does have amazing properties for your health, and this includes a quick energy boost. So stop being afraid of it and let it show you his love.


Nothing makes you come back to your body and earth like a good breathing exercise. Close your eyes and take a slow deep breath in, hold on the top for a few seconds, then let go slowly. Do 30 breathing exercises through in and out your nose, then try doing 30 more but breathing through in and out your mouth. It will change you!


I am in luck to work from home with my three kids near me, which means I have three amazing souls to go and cuddle with. Nothing makes our happy hormones go all over the place like a good hug and kiss. But if you don’t have a loved one near you, it is okay. Have a conversation with someone on the phone, make a joke, and shake a hand (Okay, maybe in a few more months, but you get the message) with a colleague or someone near you, it’s been proving that human contact can release happy hormones and get you on a good mood.

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