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I want to dedicate today’s blog to self believe! I’ve been working for the past few years on growing as a person, a mother, and a businesswoman, and every book I have read so far about success it always talks somehow about self-belief. I even enjoy a boss babe group called “The Société” and as soon I took my first course, surprise, surprise! It talks about self-belief.

Self believe is a most when it comes to success in everything in your life including diets and workouts. You need to believe that you can do it, you need to believe that you can archive your dreams and you can give your body all the nutrients it needs without feeling like you are taking any pleasure out.

But what is self believe Stephanie? Self believe is the way you feel about your skills abilities, looks, and behaviors. Is the ability to manifest everything you want in life based on the belief in your abilities.

How to Awake Your Self Believe

You Need To Decide That You Have It

Start by making this an intention, decide to feel and create confidence on a constant and conscious basis. Start by writing it down in a diary, then read it out loud. You need to make your subconscious believe it, remember that for years you have believed the opposite so you need to re-train your brain to believe in the new you.

Read it every morning as soon as you wake up and make it the last thing you read and say before going to sleep. Keep going for at least 21 days and try to memorize it. When days come where you feel like the not so confident self you will be able to realize what your thoughts are real quick and then repeat your new story and go up again.

Live Standing Up For Who You Are And What You Believe

This might sound obvious but without knowing it you might be living without being true to yourself and not supporting what you believe in. When you are being truly authentic and true to yourself you will feel confident. If you spend time with someone that does not support what you do, you are already failing yourself.

When you don’t speak up when you need to, you are not being true to yourself. A great example of this will be not saying "yes or no" to something or someone you need to say "yes or no" to. Learn to open up and be truthful and if someone doesn’t support that you need to let them go. If you don’t act like yourself you are holding yourself back. Be who you are, act like you are, talk like you really talk to yourself and you will see how quickly your confidence will go up.

Get more competent

Go and gather more knowledge, skills, and abilities in the areas that you are passionate about.

More Competence=More Confidence

When you see yourself learning new things, getting better at something, and learning more about the things you love, you will definitely grow some self-confidence. I started by reading books (something I used to hate) taking any free or paid webinar I could take, meditating, looking for boss females groups to connect with & role models on social media, and just searching for anything that could help me to stay motivated to learn more every day. When you know that you are good at something you love, you will never ever doubt your abilities.

Take more actions

If you grow your knowledge but never take action you will stay in your own world and never grow. Life is about progress, not perfection, actions will make you grown more, learn more, and feel more confident. When you start seeing other people's compliments and positive comments you will feel great, but if you don’t take any action, you will not have any positive talk from others to you. Also, taking action inspires other people to also take action and when you see others getting inspired by you, believe me, you will grow confident and feel great with your choices.

Surround yourself with positive supportive people

I mention something before but I want to mark this because this is a very important step. When you surround yourself with people that are always complaining and crying about something without you knowing it that negativity is being sucked in by your subconscious and making it a belief, a part of yourself, and who you are. Something so simple as asking someone who they are and analyzing their response can show you how positive or negative a person is.

For example, if they say “oh, it has been a horrible day, everything went wrong, bla, bla, bla”… you know that he/she is not the type of person you want to surround yourself with. On the other hand, if they answer with something like “I am going great, I am good, this day has been amazing…” you know that is a person you could be with more often.

Being with people that support you is the most in your life, if they always find a but or a negative on whatever you do, this person needs to stay away from you. Social media is a big important thing to keep an eye on. I stop following people I don’t know, and if I know someone who is all the time crying and I don’t want to be rude to delete them, I just don’t even read their posts again. I also started to follow pages with positive quotes, people who are successful, role models to my goals and pined them all to see on top, that way every time I log in I will always see positive things and not negativity.

If you don’t have a supportive community go and create one or enjoy one as I did. I have joined 4 communities that will keep me up and motivated all the time and help me to stay confident. These communities will support you and advise you everything you have a problem or feeling down. You can talk to them and have them support you.

Stay true to yourself, believe in yourself, and work for it!

You will be surprised by all the great things that will come from it

and how happy you will feel.

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