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Holidays are here and delicious food is with it! But did you knew that most people gain around 5-10 pounds during the holidays? I know it might not sound a lot but the problem is that those extra pounds usually do not go away, in fact, it stays there and then has new extra pounds with them during the next holidays. However it is the holidays, we should feel free to indulge a little without feeling guilty or deprive ourselves of that delicious dessert and today I am sharing with you some tips on how to stay healthier during your holidays while still enjoying the deliciousness that it comes with it.


One of the problems we have is that we don’t control the amount of food we eat. We go to parties and go nuts serving our meals because we are hungry. To avoid feeling that hungry the best recommendation is to drink lots and lots of water. I mean water is not only good for you but helps to detoxify your body, maintain your glow and it will help to keep you fuller. Before going to any party or dinner drink a good glass of water at least 30 minutes before so that way you won’t overfeed yourself during mealtime. Last drink water at least every two hours, especially if we are drinking more than usual, it will again, keep you full but also hydrated.


If you are going to a party and know there will be lots of unhealthy meals, make sure you did eat at least two hours before the party. Notice I didn’t say right before the party, because we do want to enjoy the food as well with everybody else, we just want to make sure we are not starving so we can control the amount of food we will consume. Our family has the habit of not eating before the family reunion starts so they go to the party starving and go nuts with the food, can’t blame them, they been waiting a whole year to eat that Arroz con gandules y pasteles, but we are harming our bodies by overfeeding it. By making sure you ate two hours before the party you are keeping your stomach fuller so by the time the party comes, you will eat, but not go insane with the food serving size. Plus if you took our first tip of drinking water right before getting out of your house, your chances of not overeating will be higher.


If you are concern that having at least one healthy dish will be a problem, then offer to take something yourself. By taking a meal you are making sure there will be something that you will feel guilt-free because you can make it, yes, delicious but also healthier. Notice I said healthier because It does not have to be a 100% healthy dish, it just needs to have its little swaps that will make that dish at least 75-80% healthy so you can go for that smash potatoes and pie.


If you want to make sure that whatever you serve it’s mostly good then start by choosing any vegetables that there’s on the table and any other healthier dish that they are offering. Usually, we go for carbs first and the first things we choose are the ones we get in bigger proportions, so making sure that your plate is almost full with veggies you are ensuring that you won’t have a way too many calories in that meal and that you do have some healthy options in there.


Look I love carbs, they are the most delicious thing on the planet, but because we love them so much we need to keep an eye on them. As I mentioned before we tend to choose carbs first but not only that, but they are the ones served in the biggest proportion. Carbs should not take more than a fourth of your plate, if you want to grab that piece of bread then go ahead, but don’t exaggerate by going for two or three pieces plus getting those smash potatoes with it. If you choose to take two carbs then make sure you take small amounts of each.


Another way to not overeat during the holidays and keep consuming your nutrients is by having your snacks faithfully. Snacks if chosen right are loaded with nutrients, something most of the holidays' meals won’t have and you absolutely need but also keeps you feeling full for longer, which will help you to not overeat during the holiday parties.


Keeping those extra ten pounds out of your body can be easy if you stay active during the holidays. This does not have to be a gym membership, you can do 10-12 minutes of HIIT cardio at home, go walk in the neighborhood, take a good walk in the mall, park far away, take the stairs, etc. Whatever is going to make you work and sweat a little bit, go for it!


Whatever it is that you eating don’t forget to eat mindfully. There’s nothing more important and beautiful than enjoining each bite of your meal, especially now in the holidays when we are having dinners with friends and family. Stay away from the phone, eat slowly, and savor those veggies, those carbs, and yes, that dessert. Eating slowly and consciously will not only help you to not overeat, but to eat while feeling joy, no guilt’s, just you, your delicious food, and your friends and family creating beautiful memories.

Want to learn how to create a healthy relationship with mind, body, and food?

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