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Hello ladies! So yesterday I talked about saying NO, which means that today I had to talk about saying YES! We have this tendency to say yes to everything except for us, isn’t that ironic? We say yes to buy our kids beautiful stuff, but we say no to get something for yourself, we say yes to go places other people want to go but we say no to the places we want to, we say yes to work for someone else but no to work for ourselves… you get the point?

I had lived all my life pleasing others and saying yes to other things and barely I was saying yes to myself, especially now that I am a mom. I used to believe that if I start putting myself first it would be self’s and wrong. But truth it, it is okay to be selfish once in a while, it is okay to love you so much that you come first. Let’s face it, If I don’t feel happy I will be angry all the time and take it on my kids or love ones and that will only create bad memories of me on my children. I used to be like that and I also started to feel resentment against them at one point because I was “STOCK” taking care of them. But I learn I was wrong and that there are options for me, that I only needed to say YES, yes to start thinking about me, yes to put myself on the top spot, yes to spoil me just like I spoil my kids and absofuckinglutely yes to building a business.

When you say yes you open your self to new experiences, for years I said no to moving to the US and when I finally said YES and moved… Girrrrrllll, I had the most amazing and beautiful experiences of my life there. I got to feel what the weather seasons feels like, I live in PR all my life, this is summer all year, but wow it was life changing. I learned a new culture, I mean, people personalities, way to think and values are way different than us, and I fall in love with the lifestyle that I was having over there.

When you say YES you will be amazed to learned all the things you could actually do that you either did not knew you could do or you thought that you will never be able to do. The first car I got when I moved to VA was… a stick car, and let me tell you I had no clue how to drive it, keep in mind I also did not had any extra car or family or friend to take a ride with lol I got a lot of guts there, but guess what? In less than two weeks I was fast and furious girl (even though the first week I wanted to turn the car on fire jajajaja).

When you say YES you will learn new things, go new places, meet new people, taste new foods and so many unexpected new things that you will fill that it was worth it. You will grow personally and professionally with all the new experiences and all the new things you will learn. This is a win win girl! All this new things will give you the experience of experiencing new feelings, such as feelings of joy, satisfaction, accomplishment, happiness, bravery, courage and so much more. I always wanted to go to cooking school to be a pastry chef, then I was scared of the prizes, I let that hold me for a while for I finally said YES and during a divorce and two kids I graduated as international baking and pastry. I said YES to create my own website and hell I learned a lot in the process.

Saying YES opens the doors to new opportunities, it can be going back to college like I did and experience the opportunity to not only learn about personal training but I was giving me the opportunity to make friends ( I didn’t had many) and to improve my English, not to mention a total different school environment which I LOOOOOVED. It can also be about a new job, or a job transfer, or hiring people… the opportunities that will come with this are just life changing but worth it.

Not believing on yourself can make you lose your one and only chance, it is okay to go ahead and say YES to something unexpected, at the end even if it did not work out you will learn a lesson and never wonder “what if?”, you already know the answer for that and you will feel proud of yourself. If something doesn’t work or goes wrong it doesn’t make you a failure, it makes you strong and smarter.

Saying YES attracts a powerful positive energy of accomplishment and joy and you will start to attract more of that positive energy in your life. This will end up you learning to respect yourself, respect your wishes and go with your gut with no problem at all. Now let me ask you this, what do you want to say yes to? What are the things you have say no but you really want to say YES? Don’t be afraid, be sincere to yourself and write it down, read it loud and go and say YES!


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