Have you ever asked yourself ” I’m I living Intentionally? Do I Wake Up This Morning with Intention? Over the last couple of years, I have become a book addict, and it is funny because I used to hate reading, I didn’t read a book in my life until I was 28 years old! I was on a really rough time in my life when this book appears in front of me, and the title caught my attention and I immediately knew it was a gift that the universe was putting it in from of me to grab and take, that moment my life started to change, I became a book reader. However, the books I read are not based on fiction, they have to be inspiring books or have some self-care or self-growth books, something that will help me to learn, grow and become a better human every day and most importantly how to live intentionally, how to find my purpose and live my legacy.

One thing I loved about these books is that they almost always make me think, they make me ask questions, and improve myself. For years I felt like something was missing in my life, I had not purposed, I had no drive to live my dreams, to live my life intentionally and books helped me to find my purpose, I learned to live intentionally, a very powerful and beautiful feeling.

We tend to live like robots, on the go, go, go! and we don’t live with any intention whatsoever, we are hustling all day every day and not enjoying the moment, the present, life. When we live with intention, everything in our lives makes sense, we feel full, we feel joy, we feel happiness and today I want to help you to find your purpose and live intentionally.


To find your purpose you need to start asking yourself these questions: Why? – Why are you here now, why do you feel the way you do now – Why do you want to make a change – Why do you want to find your purpose, etc.

The more you ask why the deeper you will get to finding your purpose. I usually find one deep core why a question like “Why do I want to do this” and then when I answer that question, I go ahead and ask why to that answer, and again, after I answer I go again and ask why of that answer.

Usually, when we answer these questions for the first time we tend to not go very deep about it, we give superficial answers, general answers, and we don’t see the better picture, but when we go at least seven steps deeper we can even find ourselves crying.

How To Do The Seven Why’s

Ask your main question: Why do you want to live intentionally?

  1. Why do I want to live intentionally, Stephanie? ANSWER

  2. Why do you (your answer in question 1 in a question)? ANSWER

  3. Why do you (your answer in question 2 in a question)? ANSWER

  4. Why do you (your answer in question 3 in a question)? ANSWER

  5. Why do you (your answer in question 4 in a question)? ANSWER

  6. Why do you (your answer in question 5 in a question)? ANSWER

  7. Why do you (your answer in question 6 in a question)? ANSWER

Now that you have clear your why you can start to set values that will go in harmony with your why. If we don’t define our values we will make miss-steps that will take us in a whole other direction than the one we want to go. Values help us to make choices, the right choices and live purposely.

Some examples of some great values are:

family friends community cation love longevity grace gratitude giving consistency education empathy mindfulness influence inspiration patience respect romance self-respect sincerity spirituality teamwork truth trust unity vision volunteering wealth wisdom


Now that you know your why and have your values clear it is time to get organized and set some systems. The first thing we need to get in order is our home, a cluttered dirty home will fog your judgment, make you feel tired, sad, and not focus. Everything is energy, your home has its own energy and we have our own energy and we need to learn to make those waves vibrate in harmony together. When one of these things is not in balance it will affect the rest and this applies to our homes. Bad energy gets stuck in clutter and dirt and we absorb that energy so it is very important to practice organization and create a system to keep them on track.

Every three months (year quarters) I declutter my entire house, my electronic devices, etc. Every week I do a deep cleaning in my house and electronic devices. Every day I practice a quick 15 minutes cleaning or organization in my house as well. Give every single thing in my home a place (clothes, shoes, tools, etc. EVERYTHING needs a place) and be organized by categories (office, bedding, kids stuff, etc.).No phones in the first and last hour of the day.

This helps to keep the house in order and not to accumulate stuff that will make us turn around every time we go to clean. I love waking up in the mornings into an organized home so I can go get my coffee, grab my book, seat down to read, journal, and practice meditation. By the time I finished my morning self-care routine I am super clear and pumped to start my day full with insane gratitude and fully intentional not to mention I won’t waste time looking for stuff that I have no idea where I store.

Check your habits, which ones are not helping you to live intentionally, and which ones you need to implement. Write them down and make it happen. I created the habit of reading, of doing my bed, of journaling, and then created a ritual to make sure I do them. Every morning I wake up and do a self-care routine in the first hour of my day as well as I have my own routine in the last hour of my day, this helps me to come back to the present, live the moment, feel my body, be grateful, health and recharge.


Now take action sister! Ask yourself what you need to do to get started and go where you want to be and get started. We have dreams and sometimes we do know what we need to do but we live with fear and we stop ourselves. It is time to let that shit go and get going, we can’t let fear stop our dreams, and let the “what if..” negativity rule our lives.

Nothing is easy if it was everybody will be living their dream life and serving their purpose, they don’t understand that failure is not a bad thing, it is a great lesson learned, is that 25-pound weight that you lift that hurts at first, but in a near future will make you stronger and easy to lift. If something goes wrong simply ask “What did I learn from this? How I’m I stronger now? What can I do differently? and keep moving baby.”

Live the moment, savor the present, enjoy the journey and live YOUR purpose, not someone else’s, they need to live their own purpose, everybody has their own journey and you need to live yours.

What do you need to do today to start living intentionally?