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If I ask you right now, “What’s your story?” Would you be able to tell me a positive one? We live our lives telling ourselves stories, about ourselves, all day long and we don’t even realize that we have that belief, that we are the ones that created it, and that is that story the one that has sharpen our lives, our past, up to this second right now. But do you even know what’s your story? How it has affected your life? Has it helped you to succeed in your dreams and achieve goals? Or has it kept you from being your best self yet?

Often when we think about the word “story” we see it as something that has happened to us in our past, we see it as a pleasant or unpleasant memory, or we see it as a fiction book or movie, but we fail to see it as a narrative that we have created about ourselves and repeat it over and over again every day and every time we try to accomplish something new.

I was there! Imagine my surprise when I read about this powerful tool, that I didn’t know I had and that I was using it against myself to keep me far away from my dream life, from having a healthy relationship with myself, with my body, with food, and with all the ones around me. I realized that I had created a story of defeat and limiting beliefs. Today I want to help you see to your story and help you to change it, because guess what? you have the power to change your story, into a powerful limitless one that will take you to magical places in this beautiful journey called life.

Your story is where you live, emotionally, mentally, and physically. We often tell ourselves stories that hold us back, and that we believe that they are facts, even when they are not true. It is very important that you take notes of what is that story you have been telling yourself all your life, especially in the last few years, and months, and identify which ones have been the ones holding you back so you can change that old wicket story into a new magical one that is aligned with your new values, goals, and visions that you have for your present and future life.

My Old Story

A few months ago, I realized that I was back into my old dusty story. I was like, “Ohh no! Old me is back.” I realized that I was more clear than ever what were the things I wanted for my future and the steps I needed to take to get there. But, I noticed that the reason why it was taking me so long to get there was that I was telling myself that I was lazy, I was tired, I needed more time, I didn’t have what it takes to succeed, that I wasn’t ready to take my business to the next level, and all that blah, blah blah... we all tell ourselves these things all the time. I was telling myself who the heck I was to do what I wanted to do, I didn’t trust myself in the power that I have to serve other females and help them to transform their lives.

When I realized I was telling myself that story every single time I sat down in front of my desktop, I was not surprised of why I hadn’t reached my goal to that moment, I mean, I had big expectations at the beginning of the year and I was no way near to where I was aiming for. This is when I said “No more! I am changing my story right now“, and I did. I change my story, into one that released the power that is inside me, and now I know, that no matter what step in my life’s journey I am right now, there are females that are from one to even more steps behind me, and they need my help to get where I am today.

What’s Your Story?

Now I want to ask you for real this time, “What is your story? What have been you telling yourself that has stopped you from being where you really want to be? Grab a piece of paper and think about what are all the things you want to achieve in your life (this could be for your health goals, career goals, relationships goals, etc.) and what is that story that pops up immediately that stops you within a second. Write them down and don’t judge, it’s okay to let those nasty words out. Then, go and ask how this story, this limiting thought that stopped you from doing something, has affected your life, what has it cost you, and how has it made you feel.

After taking these notes, find a way to prove that story wrong, and change it! Change it to a total bad-ass confident you that has the power to achieve everything you want. When I change my story into an “I got this!” It is my duty to serve and help females that have been in the same I was, and to teach them how I did it!”, my life change, my mood changed and I was taking non-stop action. Write that new story down, and read it aloud with power and conviction, believe in it, and have it near you, this way every time the old story tries to sneak in again (because it will, it’s part of being human) you can stop it and keep moving forward.

You can be a better healthy version of who you are right now! You can nourish your body with healthy foods and enjoy it! You can workout out and reach that healthy body weight that you want! You can have your dream job! You can have healthy relationships! It is all about how deeply you believe in yourself and how often do you cheer yourself up, every single day.

Want to learn how to create a healthy relationship with mind, body, and food?

This is a free masterclass where I will share with you what your nutritionist and fitness coach will not teach you with my signature framework the “Stephanie’s Wellness Framework”. Here I will teach you how to create a healthy relationship with mind, body & food mindfully by creating a mindful healthy living lifestyle that will be here for the long term.

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