About Stephanie's Wellness


"My dream is to help millions of women to create a healthy relationship with mind, body & food through online coaching."

... your health & wellness online coach that teaches you how to create a mindful healthy living through a holistic, clean & plan-based approach!

After working three jobs, falling asleep as I drive, not qualifying for an apartment, and being homeless living in hotels, living in a really dark space and depressed, and getting pregnant with my third child, I decided that having the normal job and missing out on life, health and my family was a big no for me.


I knew that my new wellness and health journey was my salvation, my passion and that my mission to help women to feel empowered, safe, and never again alone could be fulfilled by being an online coach while I also have control of my work hours, my income and the time I spend with my family and myself.


My focus began by sharing my health and wellness journey with women through my social media and blog content.  Once I began to grow my confidence and infuse myself on the online business and entrepreneurship by sharing my journey and my passions, many people started to express the impact I have made in their lives, and how much they look forward to my stories I knew it was time to take things to the next level.


Now I just don't share my wellness and health journey but I now help women to create a healthy relationship with mind, body & food through my signature program "30 Days To Mindful Healthy Living" online coaching program.  I believe that food is the most amazing and powerful medicine, and I help women to learn how to approach food on a holistic, mindful, and healthy way to help them sustain a healthy living lifestyle.

Here on Stephanie's Wellness, you will learn how to create a realistic and healthy approach to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle without any fab diets or drastic workouts that will not sustain for the long-term.  We believe in small steps that will take you to the next level ... and stay there!


Hey there,

I'm Stephanie L. Lopez. I am 34-years old, I am a single momma of three kiddos (two boys and a girl), and I love everything about health, wellness, spirituality, fitness, lifestyle, baking, cooking, animals, nature, and movies.

Here I share everything I have learned that has helped me to create a healthy relationship with mind, body & food.  

I am putting my soul into this journey by sharing EVERYTHING  I learn through this blog, my social media pages, and my youtube channel.  I don't believe in sugar-coating things, I believe in sharing real knowledge and the real struggles of living a mindful healthy living while being a single mom and an entrepreneur, so with me you will always get... like they like to say, the real tea sis!