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Keytext 3 15 Keygen 19 WORK

The first issue is that (according to the man pages for OpenSSL, man 3 pem), OpenSSL is expecting the RSA key to be in PKCS#1 format. Clearly, this isn't what ssh-keygen is working with. You have two options (from searching around).

keytext 3 15 keygen 19

Another tool that you can use to generate key pairs is ssh-keygen, which is a tool included in the SSH suite that is specifically used to create and manage SSH keys. As SSH keys are standard asymmetrical keys we can use the tool to create keys for other purposes.

The option -f sets the name of the output file. If not present, ssh-keygen will ask the name of the file, offering to save it to the default file /.ssh/id_rsa. The tool always asks for a password to encrypt the key, but you are allowed to enter an empty one to skip the encryption.

The public key saved by ssh-keygen is written in the so-called SSH-format, which is not a standard in the cryptography world. It's structure is ALGORITHM KEY COMMENT, where the KEY part of the format is encoded with Base64. 350c69d7ab


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