These last 14 months have been a little intense and challenging for every single one of us and it is very likely we lost track of what it is that we want for our future, after all, everything feels uncertain.

Now let me ask you this, “Had you achieve any of the goals you set for quarantine?” I almost didn't! But I am very happy to say I took the bull by the horns and got my sh** back together. Truth is that for us to achieve the goals we don’t only need to know what we want but we need to have the right mindset and positive energy for us to achieve anything in life and if you feel a little lost, this blog will help you to finally start getting things done.

Today I want to share with you 6 things that must do this quarter to help you achieve your goals and live a happier life and get back on track. If you implement these things in your life, you will start this month strong and finish 2021 nailing it girl. Mindset is everything so let’s get started.


The first thing you must do is start to declutter everything. When you declutter, you not only cleaned and made space around you, but you have cleaned the air and cleaning the energy that is going to be around you. During the year we accumulate a lot of stuff, trapping dust and negative energy.

Since you are already taking everything out, use this as your advantage to clean the space you are decluttering, you will be doing two things at once. Clean space is key to feel relaxed and joyful when coming back home after a long or bad day out.

Not sure if you need to keep it? You can ask yourself any of these two questions to see if you should keep it or take it out:

1. “Is this something I necessarily need for my daily or no more than my monthly life?” is the answer is no, then take it out.

2. “Did I used this in the last six months?” again, if the answer is no, then you now know that you can take that out too.

Things you should declutter:

The storage

The closets

The pantry

The draws

The car

The purse

The cell phone

Smart TVs, computers, tablets, etc.

Please if there are things that are in good condition, donate them, the are always people less fortunate than you that will need what you don’t need.

Get Organized

I forget everything! I don know about you but I used to be messy. This not only made sometimes my life hell, but I was missing out on a lot of things, I was stressing myself for it and I was feeling all over the place when noticing too much stuff all over the place.

My mind is so crazy that not even my kiddos count on me, I know, embarrassing. The way I accomplished getting to my appointments or picking my boys when they were out early from school was to set an alarm. This has saved me from a lot of stuff. I set alarms for everything, and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING! I don’t care anymore if people made fun of me every time it goes on about water, lunch, snack, meditate, set intentions, you are amazing, etc.

I get so busy that I forget that I need to pick boys in ten minutes, but the alarm saved me, I forget to drink water, but alarm saved me, I forget that I am amazing but alarm saved me… you get the point, right? Every time the phone rings you look at it, so when setting alarms put the name of what you want to say to yourself like “You are amazing” so that way to get the message.

Also start by organizing clothing by seasons, put things on decorative baskets so space looks clean (too many accessories make space look unorganized, even if it is), organized papers by categories, and put them on files or binders.

Be Honest With Yourself

I know this is one of the hardest things to accomplish, being honest with yourself. It might seem silly but when you start thinking about it, you will find out that you actually do lie to yourself.

Start by thinking what are the things that you wanted to achieve this year, and what is that you haven’t achieved yet. Now, ask yourself, why you haven’t achieved them yet. Be honest! For example, I wanted to be doing videos for YouTube, and I only had one that I did“LAST YEAR!” The reason why I did not create videos this year that I was telling myself was that I did not have the right camera, the lighting, and I did not know how to edit. These things were true in some parts, but also the main reason was that I was scared.

The truth was I was worried and scared! When I started to really think through my why and being really honest, the truth was that I was wondering about my accent, about what people that knows me were going to think about me, if they were going to support me or not, if I was going to bring horrible content, etc. I realized that not creating a video and talking to you about topics that I have knowledge of was being selfish and that I was not serving my purpose in this world.

Sometimes we used daily life situations as an excuse and decide to not do those things that we want to do.

Some of the excuses people use are:



Work or works


Physical injuries


Life happens and it teaches us lessons, don’t use them as a setback and to do nothing, also, kids or spouses are things that we choose, so learn to live with them and still make time for yourself and your happiness. Sometimes or better said almost all the time we are NOT going to feel like doing things, we are not going to feel like cooking, eating healthy, working out, etc, but what will make you successful and help you achieve your goals is to push through and still do it, if I workout every time I feel like it, I would still be overweight.

Now, why have you really not accomplished your goals yet? 


Mindfulness is the life changer in this blog. When you live life through mindfulness you will learn to live in the moment and will be happy, believe me! We are so obsessed with the future and what we want, what we need to do, what can go wrong… that we are not seeing the beautiful things that are right in front of us, and the things we have in our hands right now, we don’t appreciate and love them. Also, we live in the past, why the hell we do this?! Seriously, why, we can’t change it, right? So, why we are focusing our present moment on that?

Let’s stop all that and enjoy this moment, stop reading, take a deep breath and exhale, do it and look around you, smell the air, take a minute to feel your body, the air, or even your clothes, and listen to what is going on all around you like dogs, birds, wind, machines, air, leaves moving, etc.

You can practice while you are working, driving, reading, showering, etc. You can do it at any moment you want where ever you are.

The pastis done, you can’t change it. The future is uncertain, you don’t know if you will still be here tonight. The present is the only thing you have for sure, enjoy it!