I am a big goal setter, I love to have a plan because it helps me to be laser focus and know why I want something and how to go, it is a roadmap to my goals. Before I used to wake up, sit down, and have no clue of what to do, I would waste time trying to figure out what I needed to do and most of the time I would do the things that had nothing to do with what I wanted because I didn’t even have clear what exactly I wanted.

So this is where goal setting started to be a part of my life and let me tell you it has changed my life. I learned this when I decided to start my own business and read how to be successful, I was looking at what these super multi-millionaire people do that helps them be so successful, and one thing they all did was to have a plan, set their goals.

Now, I do this at the beginning of every year, every month, every week, and even first thing in my mornings. Take a minute to think, “Where were you a year ago?” “Did you wanted to be there?”, “Are you now where you wanted to be?” I seat down at the end of each year (you can choose to start that year now) and ask yourself okay “Where do I want to be one year from now?” Then I divide my plans into three quarters, this helps to make our actions steps easy to accomplish, trying to make everything work at once is the perfect recipe for disaster, after that, I divide those goals into monthly goals, then divide them into weekly goals, and lastly into daily goals.

But if you had never done this it’s okay, you can start by doing monthly goals, which is what I do with my ladies in my community every begging of the month. I go live every first Friday or Monday of every month to set goals with my community, but sadly, I have noticed that not a lot of people show up and I truly believe that any goal at all should be planned. We work with personal goals, spiritual goals, health goals, relationship goals, and even career goals, these lives are for everybody.


At Arbonne, all my new consultants are asked to do a “21 Reasons Why” exercise as soon as they start their business with us and now I love to tell all ladies in my health and wellness community to do the same. Let’s say that your goal is to live a mindful healthy living lifestyle, you can make a small monthly plan, but you should always ask your self “Why is this important for me” and go as far as you can go.

Then we love to ask “What”? “What are my values, the beliefs that will align to this goal. ” This is important because sometimes we decide to go for goals that are simply not aligned with our core values and true beliefs and then we fail and think the problem is us, when in fact it was just not a realistic goal with a well-executed plan.

When you get clear on what your core values are and your beliefs then you can go ahead and plan action steps that will go with your values and have a bigger chance of achieving them.


As our days keep going on, more things will come to our to-do list, which is why it is important that we have very clear our top three goals for the day and do those FIRST. Starting our day with our top goals makes sure we accomplish them first thing in the morning, gives us a feeling of happiness and helps us to keep achieving goals throughout our day.

Things that will not serve a purpose in your life or your goals should be left for later, but keep an eye on those, we must keep our to-do list short, and, again, aligned with our values, if it is something that you don’t value, then say no to those, if it doesn’t make you happy then say bye aka no!, and if it can be delegated then DELEGATE IT!


Last but very important, write your main goal every single day at least five times, I know, but believe me it works, especially if you have struggled with achieving and/or quitting on your goals. Every morning I write down my main goal in my journal, then I read them out loud, but please, you have to say it with confidence and with belief that you can do this.

Your body senses your mood, and your brain follows your command but it must come from your heart, it must be imprinted in your neuro-pathways strongly, and you can do that by repeating your goals over and over again out loud and with power. It is very important that you do this first thing in the morning and then to do it again right before bed, this is the time where your subconscious is more susceptible and easy to teach new beliefs and delete old ones, this is why meditation, studying, reading and brainstorming sessions is also best done at this time.

I do a live goal-setting session at the begging of every month, so you should follow me on our social media @stephanieswellnessdotcom to stay tuned on the dates and never miss a live with me. You can join each month's session on our private FB group.


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