The new year started and with it, a whole new 12 months recap follow by a new year goal setting, however when I noticed my last year's achievement I was very disappointed in myself. My 2019 ended being way low than my epic 2018 and I was going back into a depressed mood and my anxiety was taking a huge toll on my health. I noticed I wasn’t following my routines anymore, I wasn’t eating healthy anymore and I was literally sick with constant menstruation, my head was spinning, I was tired all the time, and I was having serious chest pains.

I knew that I needed to make a change immediately or I will go back to the place I was years ago and that is not an option. So I implemented a plan that was going to get me back to where I was in 2018 because I have way too many epic plans for this year and I need to be in my best game ever. Now, a month later I am back on track, still got some work to do, but I am so much better now that I need to share with you what I do so you can be in your best shape ever with me.

So as you read I focus on two things:

- My mental health

- My physical health

These two are very important to me because a healthy mind means a healthy body which means healthy and happy Stephanie.

My Mental Health


Mental health is my first priority even though I love to keep it in balance with my physical health. A healthy mind is key for me to have the skills I need to get up, start moving and get things done. If I don’t have my mind on my A-game, I would be feeling down (emotionally) and would not have the motivation and courage I need to do the things that need to be done.

Now for this to happen, I focus on a few things that are an absolute NON-NEGOTIABLE, they must be done no matter what happens, no matter how I am feeling, they MUST be done. This is my morning routine, this is extremely important because it sets my mood for the rest of the day. If I don’t make sure my morning starts great and relaxed I will not have the mental energy to get started on my day, and the things I do because I have no other choice of like get kids ready for school and go to work, then they will be done without any motivation, energy, love, etc.

My morning routines consist of my waking up at least 2 hours before any of my kids do, especially my 3-year-old. Why? Because I need to be able to do things with zero interruption and keeping my focus 100% on myself.

What do I do during this time?

- I wake up at 5 AM

- I meditate for 30-40 minutes

- I read one chapter of a book while sipping on a hot cup of coffee.

- I journal writing down three things I am grateful for, my top 3 goals for the day, and my future self (my one-year goal)

For me, meditation, reading, and journaling are my most do.

Meditation helps me to focus on myself, to see myself more deeply, and to connect with my inner self, my magical holistic self. During my meditation, I also set intentions and visualize, feel, smell and live my future self, so I can have a clear vision and feeling of what I am doing and why I'm doing it, it is my mental motivation.

Reading is very important as well because it helps me to keep my mind in the present. Because I am reading I can’t think much about anything else, so I make sure that I read things that passionate’s me, that moves and makes sparkle every cell of my body so I can stay in my book and not on what I am going to do during the day or what happened the day before.

Using a bullet journal is very helpful to keep things in print, so you can go back and remember great things because I always make sure I write three things I am grateful for including something so small and simple like the pen I used to write that, or the cup where I am drinking my coffee, etc. It helps me realize that I have things I didn’t before and wanted, and that life is always good. I also write about positive things that had happened to me that day or the day before so I can see that life is good. Then I write my future self so I can stay focus and always remember the goal while doing my tasks during the rest of my day.

Doing these things get me so excited and in the mood for my day and I always nail it. It helps me to be the focus, a leader, and the best mom I can be to my kids.

The last thing I do to keep my mental health in shape is to journal back at night, and focus only on the positives and then see what things were not that great, why they happened, and what I can do to make that better next time. I also love to take my mind out in the late afternoon by walking down to the beach, watch the sunset, watch a movie with the kids, and whatever makes me relax and have fun.


A few weeks after I started making changes to my mental and physical routines I noticed that something was still missing but couldn’t realize what it was. As I kept reading books I was getting the answer but it didn’t hit me until a few days ago.

I noticed that even though I was feeling and looking so much better I was lacking the feeling of empowerment, I didn’t felt love and passion for what I was doing even though I do love it. Then, I finish reading “Supernatural” by Joe Dispenza and started to read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and BOOM! I got it, I needed to make changes in the way I think.

Why didn’t hit me before? I know this! This is what I teach on my new membership website. But I noticed I am teaching the power of thoughts when it comes to self-love and food but had not applied it to career and empowerment wise. So I decided to make changes like treating my business like I would treat other jobs.

You see I work from home sitting down on my desktop or my phone, which means I don’t need to dress up or do my makeup to work. This is an amazing gift but it can give you the lack of empowerment as well as it happened to me. So I decided to as soon as a finish my morning routine and workouts, go take a shower and GET READY, like if I am going to work in an outside office.

I get dressed, put on my blazer to feel like a boss, generate those bossy feelings, I do my hair, my makeup, and I treat my business like other bosses will treat their official business. I changed my thoughts into I am, I must, I am working on it, etc. I think about positivism and don’t add limitations, but’s or impossible to my vocabulary. I generate positive feelings or empowerment with those thoughts, if I am working out I generate that feeling of love and think about how amazing it is that I am taking care of my amazing body, or, if I am writing a new article or blog, I generate feelings of excitement, of love and care about what I am about to share and get that badass boss feeling with my bossy blazer on.

What feelings do you need to generate? How do you need to feel about your meal? How do you need to feel and treat your workout routines? How do you need to feel about your future health and empowered self?

My Physical Health

The next thing I focus on is my physical health, this is very important because being in a good shape and in perfect health condition keeps me moving, energized, and focus on my daily tasks. Not just that but diet is what sets the rest of the mood for your day since most of your immune system lives in your gut and what you eat influences your mental performance and your energy levels. If I eat crappy foods with almost zero nutrients my mind will be foggy, my body will be tired and I would not have the creativity and attention to perform any of my personal tasks as well as my professional ones.

As soon as I finish my mindset routine I go ahead and have a tablespoon of peanut butter or eat a banana to get the energy to do my workout. This is my second most important thing (first diet) when it comes to my physical health, working out. I always make sure that I exercise at least four times a week even though I aim for five days. I divide my routines between leg day, upper body day, and abs day, then I have some type of cardio twice a week.

As soon as I finish my workout I always make sure to have a good breakfast in the morning, but, I am not a big fan of cooking and complicating my life in the mornings since they are the most active part of my day. What I do is make a powerful smoothie where I make sure it meets all my nutrition needs.

  • First I add some type of fresh leafy greens such as spinach and kale. I love it because if helps to keep my fiber intake and lots of nutrients as well.

  • Then I go for fresh berries, they are not only nutritious but they are full of antioxidants.

  • Then I add soaked chia seeds for my omega-3

  • Next, is my supplements starting with my Protein Shake Mix to get that protein girl!

  • I also use Digestion Plus because it helps to keep my gut healthy by adding prebiotics, probiotics, and

  • I love adding a scoop of greens balance because it equals one serving of vegetables and fruits, which again, helps me make sure I am having all the nutrients I need to stay healthy and rock my

  • If I don’t use any fresh greens then I opt for Daily Fiber Boost which will make sure I get fiber in my smoothie and stay full for a longer time. Last I love adding a sparkling touch of energy by adding Energy Fizz Sticks, it is a great coffee or sugary drinks replaced to get you energized.

For lunch, I go with a healthy dish as well for dinner, but my dinners are lower in calories and more light. If by any chance I feel hungry before bed I go for tea to fill my stomach and